Tomorrow - When The War Began

We've all heard of the phrase fight or flight. The term fight or flight response is a reaction to a perceived harmful incident, assault or danger to survival. Tomorrow, When The War Began written by John Marsden in 1993, is about a group of 8 Aussie teenagers from Wirrawee going on a camping trip to Hell. When they return they find their homes in unforeseen states they eventually learn that their town has been taken over and that both their family and friends are being held, hostage. Enabling them to choose between fight and flight. Hoping to save lives. This essay shows the value of fear and how Ellie, Homer and Robyn react instinctively according to fight or flight. With so much to fear and so much risk– yet they continue to go on ahead.
Ellie is the protagonist and emerges alongside Homer to take the lead. Ellie is placed into several life-threatening circumstances throughout the novel which causes her to strike back. 'My hand, which had been very steady till then, got the shakes. I thought, 'We're about to die, just because I couldn't light a match'. It seemed unfair, almost ridiculous. I tried again but was shaking too much. The soldiers were almost past the mower. Kevin grabbed my wrist. 'Do it' he mouthed fiercely in my ear. The soldiers seemed to have heard Kevin, from the way their eager faces turned in our direction again. I struck the match for the third time, almost sure that there wouldn't be enough sulphur left to ignite. But it lit, making a harsh little noise, and I threw it to the ground. I threw it too fast; I don't know how it didn't go out. It should have, and it almost did. For a moment it died to a small dot of light and again I thought 'We're dead, and it's all my fault'. Then the petrol caught, with a quiet quick whoosh.' The audience can see in this quote how Ellie chooses to struggle for a living. She realises that if she can't light up the fire, she and her friends will die and lose the chance to save lives, and she has to fend off anxiety. Then the frustration the match would not even light up I. This shows us how much apprehension this book has as its meaning.
Homer is depicted as a character considered childish and playful by all. So imposing his role throughout the circumstances unexpectedly transforms and becomes, through the book, one of the group's unofficial leaders. This shift becomes noticeable particularly when he sees his dogs in the same condition as Ellies and becomes scared of what could have happened to the rest of his family. 'I'm not doing it just for friendship,' Homer said. 'It's a calculated risk. Seven people are better than five, so we take a risk to try to build up our numbers to seven again. 'And we could end up with three.' 'We could end up with none. Everything's a risk from now on Kev. We're not going to be safe anywhere, any time until this thing is over. All we can do is to keep calculating the odds. And if it goes on long enough we'll be caught. But if we do nothing we'll get caught even sooner. The biggest risk is to take no risk. Or to take crazy risks. We've got to be somewhere between one and the other. Obviously whoever goes looking for Lee and Robyn has to be incredibly careful. But I'm sure they can work that out for themselves.' We can see that the behavior and mindset of Homer has changed and that he has begun thinking rationally. The statement "The biggest risk is to take no risk", Suggests he is worried about what might happen or will happen if they do nothing to try to save their family. This shows that apprehension effects the way people think and act.
Robyn is a Preacher's daughter. She spends much of her time praying and pledging herself to church activities, as other religious people do. That's why it was a shock when Robyn asked her dad if she should go with the boys to take part in the camping trip. Robyn also continues to maintain her friendship with God, continuing to pray during this period. Robyn promised at the outset of the attack that she will not kill a single human, but when she is put to the test, she shoots and kills several soldiers as a response to terror. "I can under­stand why these people have invaded but I don't like what they're doing and I don't think there's anything very moral about them. This war's been forced on us, and I haven't got the guts to be a conscientious objector. I just hope we can avoid doing too much that's filthy and foul and rotten". This quote actually says a great deal about Robyn. It teaches us that she understands and accepts. That if she's put to the test, though, her susceptibility to terror leads her to kill. Robyn's mindset has changed and she has learned that sometimes people do wrong things for the right thing, even at the risk of placing themselves in heaven.
Fear drives us to do things and change ways we never imagined. In the novel Ellie, Homer and Robyn all become different people. Every one of them is doing something they never imagined they would be doing. Bertrand Russell once wrote, "Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. Conquering fear is the beginning of wisdom."This is what is portrayed in the novel Tomorrow, When The War Began it shows us that terror is the beginning of wisdom and we will really see the characters becoming ever wiser in the novel. is a place where one can read templates of different academic papers on a huge variety of subjects. All this exemplification essay topics are absolutely free.